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My link to my EP "Reality and Dreams" Free download.
Lets face it, everything is downloaded these days, and pirated and what not!
Anyway, enjoy.
It contains Dark styled DnB as well as good ol Upbeat/ Ambient DnB.

DnB EP out. "Reality and Dreams"

Dismantling Techdrassil

2012-09-27 19:17:28 by Gustav21508

My Industrial album Techdrassil is being considered being dismantled.
I will go back to Dark DnB and or Industrial DnB music as I enjoy both elements and will see if I can mix them.
However I will still upload the songs of Techdrassil onto Newgrounds.
Also, I'll be changing my Band name, and see if I can be known as
because I like to look of Y as masks and will take on a persona of sorts during this new experiment of Industrial and DnB

Future Plans

2012-09-06 20:14:29 by Gustav21508

My first Album "Techdrassil" contains a short story, about the album and songs and such, but while I am finalizing it all, I am considering what I shall do for my next album and music/songs.
I have considered making a Drum and Bass album for my second one, but have also considered going into a hybrid of Industrial with Metal Guitars, or Aggrotech I believe it was called, Involving some screaming and growling robotized vocals.
just some ideas for the future!

Album: Techdrassil due date

2012-09-06 19:29:20 by Gustav21508

As some of you know, or are not aware of, my album Techdrassil, which are including the songs Entity and Seethe, will be due this month of September. Fear not though! The album will be free and have a download link available. It will be saved and uploaded as a Zip or Rar file.
Or if you to do it in the most complicated matter, I'll be uploading each song to newgrounds over the span of 4 or so days.
I've done some extra work and will upload those after the 4 days are over.
I hope you will all enjoy and I will make another post with the link to download them.